Mission Statement and Core Beliefs


It is the mission of Seward Elementary, through a partnership of parents/guardians, staff and the community to instill in students a love of learning, foster academic excellence, and create a safe environment in which students feel empowered to become lifelong learners and positive contributors to society.

Together, we will formulate assessments to drive instruction that is meaningful and applicable and that meets students’ unique needs.

We will ensure that students succeed by monitoring their progress, improvement, and overall accomplishments. Students will demonstrate that they are succeeding by actively participating in their own education.

We are dedicated to providing our students a quality education through: Targeted Instruction, Flexible Content and Tools, Student Self Reflection and Ownership, and Data Driven Decisions.


We believe that:

  • To learn well students need opportunities to apply new skills in real world situations
  • learning must be fun and exciting (engaging)
  • students learn best in a safe environment
  • students learn through cooperation
  • in order to learn students must have opportunities to process new information
  • learning must be relevant and meaningful to students
  • instruction must be based on identified student learning needs (data driven)
  • instruction must be differentiated so that all learners have access to the curriculum
  • instruction must be standards-based and scaffolded
  • instruction must be done in multiple modalities to address the many ways students learn
  • instruction must challenge students through high expectations and push them to higher levels of thinking
  • Instruction must be designed to be developmentally appropriate for the targeted learners
  • Instruction must enhance students’ acquisition of 21st Century skills.


Seward Elementary collaboratively meets the needs of all diverse learners by creating a positive school environment, which focuses on learning, builds hopefulness, celebrates effort, and guarantees a curriculum for all.