Icelandic Prevention Model

Good Morning Seward Parents and Caregivers!

First, let me thank all of you who attended our event on the Icelandic Prevention Model with Dr. Kristjansson on Oct. 24th. It was a very successful event, and great to see so many folks there.

Secondly, I am excited to announce that we are hosting a second (Part 2), Community Event (dinner and childcare provided):
Tuesday, November 21st 5:30-7pm @ Seward High.

This event will be Seward specific and will include a presentation of our Seward Planet Youth Survey 2023 Data and we will discuss together how this important work has already begun in our community- and how we hope to grow these efforts.
The goals of this event are to 1) provide all of you with an accurate picture of the experiences that our Seward teens are having, and 2) give actionable information on how you can join in prevention efforts- as a parent, community member, or however you support youth and families in our community.

Please spread the word about this Seward-Specific Event, and if you couldn’t make it to Part 1, that is totally okay!

Thank you in advance,
-Andrew Scrivo

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Andrew Scrivo
Program Director- Youth360
Program Coordinator- Sources of Strength, Seward High
Seward Prevention Coalition
(907) 491-1018