2023-2024 SMCS Spelling Bee Page

  • Spelling Bee study lists are available upon request at the school office.

Our school Spelling Bee is open to students in grades 3-6 each year. We encourage all students to consider participating in the school Spelling Bee and practice with the School Spelling Bee Study Lists early, in preparation for the school Bee.

Below are the word lists available for students to practice. While Grade K-2 cannot participate in the school Spelling Bee, we encourage them to have fun with learning to spell word from this list as well.

Our local school Spelling Bee is tentatively scheduled to take place in February.

Spelling Bee practice will take place during lunch(day of the week TBD). Your child may choose to participate in the practice sessions. The first practice sessions begin in January.

The first place winner at the local school level will proceed to a regional qualifier that takes place online in late-Feb. – early March.  The top 25 students from the regional qualifier move on to the “in-person” State Bee in Anchorage later in March.

Students wishing to participate in the school spelling bee must have a parent complete the Spelling Bee Participation Permission form. The form must be submitted by a parent which includes the parent’s email address and typed name as a signature.