SMCS Parent-Led Remote Option Information

The Parent-Led remote option is a temporary option for SMCS parents for the 2020-2021 school year in response to concerns and needs due to COVID-19.

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About Parent-Led Model

The parent-led options was developed to allow SMCS families that desired to choose a homeschool option during the 2020-2021 COVID year, but did not want to lose their spot within the school. The district option of homeschool during Covid would have resulted in families enrolling in Connections, (or another homeschool program), potentially losing their enrollment with SMCS.

SMCS developed a parent-led model that would allow for a similar-to-homeschool option in which the parent would have the autonomy and independence of instruction but within the remote option of the school. The parent-led option is not able to be the exact same as homeschool in which an allotment is provided, but the school can support curriculum purchase and support various supply needs.

Who To Contact

Grades K-3 - Rochelle Brenner

Grade 4-6 - April Dixon

Funding Questions - School Secretary

Parent-Led Guidelines
  • Parents may choose a parent-led distance learning option, similar to a homeschool model, to assist with maintaining enrollment within the school.
  • SMCS will work with families in securing supplies for conducting parent-led instruction at home.
  • Parent led families may utilize online instructional programs maintained by the school.
  • SMCS will order approved instructional materials for conducting parent–led instruction at home.
  • Consumable materials will not need to be returned to the school.
  • Families may opt to purchase supplies not available through the school on their own and request reimbursement from each student's supplemental supply fund up to $225 max per student. (To access the supplemental supply fund, families will need to complete a W-9 and submit receipts for approval for reimbursement. Not all supplies may be reimbursed.)
  • Purchased or reimbursed, non-consumable materials will be returned to the school and may not be purchased if material is not part of future school needs.
  • Parent-led option students will be able to participate in our remote PE & Music options.
  • Parent-led option students will have access to their in-class peers via Zoom for social interaction 1-3 times per week as developed by the in-class teachers and distance learning teachers.
  • Parent-led option families may choose to return to an in-class or distance learning teacher led model at the end of each quarter, and Families must notify the office of their intention, in writing, to switch to a different learning mode, one week prior to the start of the next quarter.
  • Parents will be responsible to deliver instruction and supply grades at the end of each semester, or upon returning to an new learning model at the end of a quarter.
  • Grade reporting will consist of a personal, overall assessment score of each Super Standard taught while engaging in the parent-led model.
  • Parents will be required to complete a phone or email check-in with the remote learning teacher at the end of each quarter.
Parent-Led Q&A

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