February 27th, Site Council Meeting

2/27/2023 Site Council Meeting 4:00pm – 5:00pm


2022-23 Site Council Members:  Eric Waltenbaugh, Tiffany Mayasich, Erica 

Marley, Tracy Hansen, Barb Angiak, Ahnie Litecky, Katie Bynagle, Karen Corbell

  1. Opening Activities
    1. Call to Order-4:15
    2. Roll Call-Missing 1 member.
    3. Agenda additions-Non at this time
  1. 2021-22 Report Card to the public
    1. Targeted Support and Improvement Status- Print out was discussed and reviewed with explanation of statistics and ways to improve.  
    2. Community Review- Was read over and discussed using bullet points and ideas that came to mind. Will discuss further with faculty and community members.
  1. WHE Student and Family Handbook
    1. review elements of DRAFT Handbook-Getting further into having a completed final product.

                  i.      provide feedback on any items to be included or revised-Still in the process of finalizing little details.

  1. Technology Plan Review 
  1. Site Council Goals review for 2022-23
    1. DOT Traffic study-was unable to discuss, due to time constraints.
    2. Completed WHE Family Handbook by August 2023
  1. Closing comments-None
  1.  Next Meetings:  April 3rd
  1. Adjourn

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