School Hours 7:50 am – 2:30 pm

  • 7:30am – Doors open
    • Breakfast is available from 7:30-7:45am
  • 7:40am – First bell rings and students head to class
  • 7:50am – Late bell rings and instruction starts. Please allow for enough time for your child to get into their class and settled before instruction starts.
  • 2:30pm – Dismissal bell rings and students who ride the bus home are released from their classrooms
  • 2:40pm – Dismissal starts for students who are picked-up

Drop off, Pick-up and Bus Procedures

  • Drop off: doors open at 7:30. You can either park and walk your child to the front door, or use the drop off lane to pull up and let them out. Please have your child ready before you pull up to let them out. *please be patient and mindful of others in the parking lot
  • Pick up: the dismissal bell rings at 2:30pm for bus riders, once the buses have loaded and cleared the bus lane, families may enter the building to pick their students up from class. Please wait in your car until the buses have cleared out. *If you need to pick your child up early, please call ahead and we will meet you at the front doors.
  • Busing – If interested, contact Apple Bus Company: 235-0124 for more information. After you set up busing with Apple, please let the school know so we can write a bus note.
    • Bus note information we need:
      • What days your child will ride the bus home
      • What bus (number) they will ride
      • Where the bus stop is located
      • The name & contact number for the person meeting the bus *Kindergarten aged students must be met by an adult or a sibling in the 4thgrade or higher


Regular school attendance is crucial to your child’s academic success. Please let the school know if your child will be absent. Attendance is also taken for students who are attending remotely, so please be sure to stay in contact with your child’s teacher. Please see the following for an explanation of attendance codes:

  • LATE (L): students arriving after 7:50 will be considered late (please stop by the office to check in)
  • Partially Excused (PE): for students arriving after 8:15am or students who get checked out early
  • Excused Absence (E): absence code used if the school is notified of a student’s absence
  • Unexcused Absence (A): student is absent with no explanation
  • Pre-arranged Absence (P): more than 5 consecutive days, please fill out a “Pre-arranged absence form”

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast is $2.50 (any student who qualifies for free or reduced lunch also qualifies for free breakfast)

Lunch Options:

  • Hot Lunch (bought at school) is $3.50 – unless your child qualifies for free or reduced (.40) lunch
  • Cold Lunch (brought from home)

-You can find the school lunch menu for each month on the KPBSD website , the Paul Banks website, and it will be included with our monthly newsletter.

  * Free/Reduced Lunch applications are available online or you can stop by the office and pick up a paper copy.

School supplies

Instead of a supply list, we now have a school supply fee of $35 to cover supplies.