National Parks Program

This year Seward Elementary was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a grant funded program facilitated by one of our local (and favorite) National Parks Rangers – Ranger CJ Rea. This is the second year of participation for Tara Swanson’s 5th grade class. The programs and curriculum are rooted in scientific observation and inquiry based on the nature journal curriculum, “John Muir’s Laws”.  The 5th graders were able to collaborate and share about their experiences with a 5th grade classroom in Florida led by retired KPBSD teacher Terri Carter. 

In addition to the many activities in this unique program, this year 3rd grade instructors, Elizabeth Jones and Erin Flowers, along with Tara Swanson and Ranger CJ, were able to coordinate a field trip to one of our local beaches, Afognak Beach, for further exploration and group journaling. This program is instrumental to student growth and learning, engaging authentically with the world around them through a lens of observation and thoughtful questioning techniques.

Ranger CJ with kids with journals
Ranger Joe with hands raised student