2 Hour Delay Thursday 1/14

►ALERT: KPBSD schools in the Eastern Kenai Peninsula* will open with a TWO HOUR DELAY START on THURSDAY, January 14, 2021, due to weather and road conditions.

If weather and road conditions warrant a full closure for any schools, that announcement will be made about 7:00 AM. If you don’t hear anything, the two-hour delay start remains in effect.Parents and guardians, if you decide, based on conditions near you to keep your child at home, absences will be excused.

*A two hour delay means that morning buses run two hours later than normal, school begins two hours later than normal, staff arrives at school two hours later than normal, and both morning and afternoon Pre-K sessions are cancelled. The school day ends at the normal time.

*Eastern Peninsula Schools in two-hour delay start

Moose Pass School

Seward Elementary

Seward High School

Seward Middle School