SHS Scholarship Workshop Info

From Ms. Ransom: 

After Scholarship Workshop Part Two is now canceled due to remote schooling, I thought it best to get as much info as possible out to you now so you can work on scholarships while at home. 

To get directions on how to start creating your scholarship folder (hint, hint – yes, you should have one) check out this link: Scholarship Folder Should we go into remote schooling for longer than one week I will send out samples of essays, financial statements, etc. For now, asking for letters of recommendations and brainstorming essays is a good start. 

KPBSD One Stop Portal has tons of local district scholarships listed and is updated regularly. Check is out here: One Stop Portal 

AKCIS has a great scholarship search engine, great for college and trade school applicants. Watch this (super short) video to get started:  AKCIS with Ms. Ransom 

Mr. Scrivo is regularly updating information about scholarships on the SHS website communications link. Check it out here SHS Communications

Also worth noting! The (virtual) Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair is this Tuesday and Wednesday. I glanced through and will be attending some sessions myself; great info on WUE program and financial aid.

To sign up for Tuesday evening’s sessions check it out here:College and Career Fair 

List of colleges presenting Wednesday at the Virtual College and Career FairPresenting Colleges Wednesday 

If you are already a step ahead and have draft essays, please do take advantage of a second set of eyes – I’m always happy to help edit.

Questions? Email Ms. Ransom at

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