ABCS Enrollment & Lottery Procedures

Charter schools of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District are public schools which comply with all Federal and State Laws, as well as Borough Policies, concerning public education and equal opportunity.

The enrollment procedures for Aurora Borealis Charter School are as follows:

  • Parents should come to the school office and fill out a lottery application for the upcoming school year.  Applications accepted from the first week in September, until the first Friday in March at 3pm.
  • The Lottery will be held on the second to last Thursday in March. 
  • During the lottery, each applicant is randomly assigned a lottery number.
  • Students are then placed on a waitlist in order of the number they are assigned.  (Students drawn from the lottery who are placed on the waitlist remain on the waitlist until they request removal or are placed in a classroom.)
  • The lottery results will be posted in the hallway outside the office by the following Friday.  Please give time for the data to be processed and posted.
  • If there is a vacancy in a classroom, or for kindergarten enrollment, children of full time school employees and siblings of children already enrolled will be selected first to fill the vacancy.
  • In the event that vacancies still exist in a class, they are to be filled from the waitlist, beginning with the lowest lottery number.  The number of slots available will depend upon each class.
  • If there is no waitlist for a specific grade and vacancies exist, students will be enrolled without going through the lottery.