Factors to Consider

ABCS is a school of choice.  We have attempted to list things that you may not be aware of and that may have some influence on your decision to enroll a student at ABCS.

  • Students are required to wear uniforms.
  • Transportation to and from school must be provided by parents.
  • Instruction is subject-centered direct instruction.
  • ABCS does not participate in a hot lunch program.
  • Parent involvement is necessary for academic success.  This includes working with your child on homework, providing extra tutoring if necessary and ensuring the student is in attendance and on time to school.
  • The reading program is phonics based.
  • Kindergarten is an academic program with emphasis on reading, writing, spelling, and math at the first grade level. 
  • Kindergarten is broken into two overlapping sections.  Morning students meet from 8:00-12:45; afternoon students meet from 10:00-2:45. 
  • Saxon Math curriculum is used, and math placement may be out of grade.
  • Academics are emphasized and social activities are limited.
  • Facilities are shared with Boys and Girls Club and Kenai Alternative High School.
  • There is Latin root word instruction at all grade levels.
  • Grades are based on 50% daily work and 50% tests.
  • Students are tested prior to enrolling so that both staff and parents know the level at which the student is performing.