Academic Policy Committee

What is the role of an APC in a charter school?

The APC is the governing body of a charter school.  Basically, they establish and oversee curriculum, rules, policies, finances and hire the principal to operate the school under their governance.  The principal reports directly to the APC and informs them throughout the year about the operation of the school during regular APC meetings that are open to the public.

Who can be on the APC at Aurora?

The APC of Aurora Borealis consists of parents of enrolled students.  There is one Community Seat that the APC board can use to bring on someone from the community as they see fit.

APC Mission Statement

The purpose of Aurora Borealis Charter School is to provide the finest academic program possible.  To meet this purpose, it is our obligation to promote an educational environment that reflects high academics, character, and citizenship standards for all students and establish classroom conditions where these standards can be met.

Implementation of Mission Statement

  1. To conduct ABCS affairs in accordance with its mission statement.
  2. To exercise all such powers as are provided by State and Federal law, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District policy, and these Bylaws in order to accomplish the ABCS mission statement.
  3. Support teachers in maintaining a classroom environment where high academic, character, and citizenship standards can be met for all students.
  4. Support the administrator in the accomplishment of the mission statement through implementation of adopted policies and procedures while holding the administrator accountable for the achievement of measurable standards through annual review of test scores.
  5.  Maintain current core curriculum classroom materials as approved by the Academic Policy Committee.
  6. Encourage parents/guardians to actively participate in their child’s education.

Committee Members

SEATMember NameStart of TermEnd of Term
Seat A Gary Kuchinka Appointed 2022 May 2023
Seat B Mark Montgomery – Treasurer Elected 2020 May 2023
Seat C Daniel Mahr – Secretary Elected 2021 May 2024
Seat D Bruce Jackman – Chair Elected 2015 May 2024
Seat E OPEN May 2022
Seat F Dave Klein – Vice Chair Elected 2019 May 2022

Community Member (optional): VACANT
Administrator (non-voting member): Cody McCanna
Seats up for Election in 2021-22: Seats E & F

2018-19 Committee Reports

APC Meeting Minutes

Administrator Reports