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Fireweed Academy, formerly the Homer Charter School, was founded in 1997 by parents, teachers, and members of the community who want the Homer area to have choices in educational opportunities. Fireweed Academy is a FREE public school of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Our school receives public funding like other KPBSD schools, its teachers must meet the same high standards, and its students undergo the same standardized testing.

Fireweed Academy is operated by an Academic Policy Committee. Although we are required to address State of Alaska educational standards and meet State benchmarks, we have the flexibility which allows us to set our own educational goals using alternative resources, methods, and assessments.

Our mission is…To provide a compassionate learning environment that gives students, parents, teachers and community members opportunities to develop: Self Reliance, cooperation, creativity, reasoning ability, personal growth and academic achievement.

The components of our program include:

Theme Immersion
Multi-level groupings
Project based learning
Constructivist methods
Making Connections
Socratic Seminars
Integrated Arts
Authentic Experiences

Little Fireweed (grades k-2) is located at 813 East End Road and Fireweed Academy’s grades 2-6 occupy four classrooms within West Homer Elementary School at 995 Soundview Avenue in Homer, Alaska.

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FY14 AHERA Parent Letter

Mission, Vision and Core Values of Fireweed Academy

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