JOIN THE PTO Meeting August 31st 3:30-4:30

Our first PTO meeting will be on Thursday, August 31st from 3:30 to 4:30pm in Mo’s room at Little Fireweed. The 31st will be a big day for families of Big Fireweed students- the Big Fireweed Orientation starts at 5:30pm, so we will try to end the meeting at 4:30pm instead of the usual 5:00pm meeting end time. 

If it’s nice outside we can meet on the playground. KIDS ARE WELCOME at all PTO meetings and functions! Whether indoors or out, feel free to bring your kids of any age to PTO meetings.

The primary goals of the first meeting are to get to know everyone, discuss the PTO’s role in our school, identify peoples’ interests and talents, and start a planning committee for our biggest fundraiser, the Harvest Festival, in October.

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