Nurse Information

At Skyview Middle School, Nurse Sue cares for students in various ways. 
Please call her at 260-2521 if you have any questions or concerns.

Click here for KPBSD Health Service information and various medical forms (medication consent, religious immunization exemption, etc).

So many of you have been asking about Symptom Free, Flu season, Covid boosters, etc.  Safeway, Walgreens, Walmart, Fred Meyer, Soldotna Professional Pharmacy Kenai Peninsula Public Health Nurses and our regional providers are all offering seasonal and other vaccinations for influenza and Covid-19. Take the time to visit with your provider about the best plan for you and your family.  Ask questions and thank you for all that you do to keep our schools safe places to live, learn and thrive.

People get both of these boosters to protect themselves and their families, protect those who are more vulnerable in the community: people who are pregnant, who have chronic illness, being treated for cancer, who are younger than 5 years or older than 65 years. Also the more of us who get the boosters the less both of these infections are spread in our community which eases CPH admissions and sick time for our schools.