Student Council

8th Grade Food Drive!

When: February 1st – February 12th, What to bring: Non-perishable food items

Items will be donated to the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank

Competition! Team (Silver or Purple) with the most items will receive an Ice Cream Bingo Party. 1 point for every item donated (4 Ramen packets count as 1 point)

7th Grade Penny War!

When: February 1st – February 12th – Student Council is holding a penny war between the 7th grade Purple and Silver teams

The winning team will receive an Ice Cream Bingo Party. All pennies are positive points where silver coins and dollars are negative points.

Add pennies to your teams jug and sabotage the other team by adding quarters and dollars. 

Water bottles are also available to purchase before school and at lunch, for $1 each and can be used as change jars after being used. All proceeds will go directly to Water for South Sudan which was founded by Salva from the book Long Walk to Water. Our goal is to raise 1000 dollars so we can be entered into a drawing to meet Salva. 

Help Skyview Meet there $1000 goal. Donate here: