Required Mailers/Communication


The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District requests input from staff, parents, and community members at the districtwide KPBSD budget development meetings via Zoom, scheduled at the following times:

Additional information and the number to call in with questions will be posted on the Finance Page of the KPBSD website.  As new budget information becomes available, it will also be posted on the Finance page.  If you have questions, please call Natalie Bates at 714-8888.

148 N. Binkley Street, Soldotna, Alaska 99669
TO: All Parents/Guardians/Students
FROM: Kevin Lyon, Planning and Operations Director
DATE: Fall, 2022
SUBJECT: AHERA School Management Plans
As mandated by Federal Regulation 40 CFR PART 763, known as AHERA (the Asbestos Hazard
Emergency Response Act, enacted in 1987), local educational agencies must notify
parents/guardians/students in writing each school year about the existence and location of AHERA
School Management Plans for each school building within their jurisdiction.
Currently, copies of all AHERA School Management Plans are located at the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s Central Office and at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Maintenance Office. In addition, a
copy of the individual AHERA Management Plan for each school is kept on site in the school’s
administrative office. AHERA Management Plans may be inspected at any of these sites.
Your school, Skyview Middle School, has been inspected for the presence of asbestos-containing
building materials (ACBM), and none were found.
If you should have any questions concerning the AHERA School Management Plans or asbestos-related
activities, as the designated Local Education Agency’s Asbestos Coordinator, I can be contacted at the
School District’s Central Office or phone (907) 714-8875