Site Council / PTSA

Soldotna High School Site Council and PTSA groups consist of students, staff, administration, parents, and community members who all have the same goal in mind: making SOHI the best it can possibly be. We are proud to have such an active and supportive group that brings a collaborative spirit to each and every meeting.

Our Site Based Council will meet on the following dates and times during the 2022-2023 school year (SBC meetings will be held in the school Library): 

  • Wednesday, September 7th at 5pm
  • Wednesday, October 12th at 5pm
  • Wednesday, November 16th at 5pm
  • Wednesday, January 18th at 5pm
  • Wednesday, April 26th at 5pm

SOHI Site Council Members:

Jason Daniels—Community Member—1 year term ends 2023

Bretta Brown—Teacher—2 year term ends 2023

Dillon Jensen—Teacher—2 year term ends 2023

Aaron Mallard—Teacher–two year term ends 2024

Kay Kurka—Classified—1 year term ends 2023

Robin Dahlman—Parent–2 year term ends 2023

Kelli DeRaeve—-parent–2 year term ends 2024

C.O. Rudstrom—parent–two year term ends 2024