Principal’s Corner

About Mr. Truesdell

Mr. Truesdell is a product of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. He attended five different KPBSD school on his way to graduating from Skyview High School in 1994. He began his teaching career in 1998 as a social studies and physical education teacher at Soldotna Middle School. In his 9 years of teaching at SMS he taught several different content areas, was the athletic director, and coached multiple middle school and High School activities. Mr. Truesdell was selected as the assistant principal at Soldotna Middle School in 2007 and became the school principal in 2011. In 2015, Mr. Truesdell was part of the Soldotna area reconfiguration team that moved the Soldotna Middle School students and staff to the Skyview High School campus, where he stayed on as principal for 6 more years.  In the spring of 2021, after 23 years at the Middle School level, Mr. Truesdell was selected to become the principal at Soldotna High School.  When asked about the move from the Middle School to High School, Mr. Truesdell says “I consider it a privilege and an honor to be the principal at SOHI.  I will do my best to make sure that every student feels physically and emotionally safe, is able to build strong relationships, and finds relevance to their future here at SOHI.”

Message from Mr. Truesdell

Welcome to Soldotna High School website. The purpose of this webpage is to provide parents, students, and our school community with easy access to a wealth of information on our programs, policies, and activities.

Soldotna High School is a great place to teach and learn! Our teachers are committed to a high quality learning experience focused on the individual needs of each child. We are striving to be creative and innovative in our instruction to engage students in their learning through a variety of activities, applications of technology, and 21st Century skills.

Our school community has a long standing tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. As a district, we are committed to our mission of preparing students to be productive citizens and life-long learners in an ever changing world.

Our primary goal at Soldotna High School is to help all students achieve their dreams and find success in pursuing life goals. We are unconditionally committed to providing the best possible educational program to our students. We believe that there are numerous opportunities, both within our curricula and through extracurricular activities, for our students to gain the skills that will allow them to be successful in their lives after high school.

If you need general information or wish to directly contact staff at the high school, you may use the Staff Directory on the website or call (907) 260-7000.

Message from Mrs. Blades

Over the course of the summer, the faculty and staff of SOHI has worked tirelessly to make sure that this year, despite the challenges and changes it has already brought, will be a successful and enjoyable one for our students.

We want to provide a safe harbor for students in an unpredictable world. We always keep our students at the center of our thoughts and plans for moving forward. We want to work together with parents and the community to create the kind of schooling experience that our children deserve.

We are so blessed to have the kind of support that our community and families provide as we navigate the ever-changing parameters provided by policy makers. We are all on the same team with the same goals.

We want the best for our students in all aspect of school: academics, extracurricular involvement, athletics, and more. Thank you for your continued support of the Star family!

Message from Mrs. Smith

At Soldotna High School, we encourage all students to get involved in athletics and activities. It is the mission of the SoHi Athletics and Activities Department to continually provide our students with opportunities to compete at the highest levels throughout the state of Alaska. Our coaches and advisors bring years of experience and promote excellence through interscholastic competition and development of essential skills. More importantly, our coaches, advisors, and staff seek to enhance the academic experience of our students and provide them with a system of support for success here and beyond the walls of SoHi.

Students who participate in athletics and activities at Soldotna High School are leaders in our community, role models on and off the field of competition, inside and outside of our building. We ask our student leaders to go above and beyond the normal expectations of a typical student, often requiring individual sacrifices of time and effort that ultimately benefit our teams, school, and community. Together, SoHi athletes, coaches, advisors, and staff members are working to build a tradition of success, unmatched throughout the state of Alaska. If you are interested in joining a team or learning more about SoHi Athletics or Activities, please visit us in the main office.

Each day is an adventure filled with new experiences, learning for all, and a chance to constantly widen our horizons. I look forward to getting to know each of you as we work toward learning and achievement. Remember, together we can accomplish great things. #gostars