Site Council

Meets: First Tuesday of the month during school months

  • Dates 2022-2023: 9/6, 10/4,11/1, 12/6, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4 & 5/2

Location:  HHS Library
Time: 4:10 PM

Purpose and Role:

School councils function as an advisory body in the joint planning and problem solving processes for improving student learning that occur at the local school level. Individual members of school councils will bring ideas to and from their constituent group and then, after discussion and input, act as “people of goodwill” making the best decisions for the students of the school.

Council Composition:

School councils shall include representation of the following:

  • Principal
  • Teachers (4)
  • Support Staff (2)
  • Parents (6)
  • Non-parent community member (2)
  • Student – Secondary schools (1-4)
  • School councils may elect to expand their membership providing the proportionate representations of all groups (except the principal in one-administrator schools) remain the same.

Site Council By-laws

HHS By-Laws

KPBSD Site Council Handbook