How do We Foster Habits of Success?

Habits of Success encompass the social and emotional skills essential for students to thrive in academic and non-academic endeavors, including self-directed learning abilities. At RCA, we foster these habits through three key approaches. Firstly, we provide explicit instruction on goal setting and Habits of Success during mentoring sessions and reinforce them in the classroom. Secondly, we actively engage with community members who offer opportunities for students to connect with the community. Lastly, we gather as a whole school once a week to engage in team-building activities, explore the impact of healthy life habits on our success, celebrate student achievements, and provide a platform for students to actively shape the school to meet their needs.

Balloon Volleyball During a Habits, Community, and Culture session on Wednesdays
Presentations from the community
Giving to the community! (Annual Food drive Competition)
Presentations in the Community! (Students on a tour of the Marathon Oil and Gas Plant)