Staff Team Building

The staff and I took a break from our usual work to tap into our creative sides. Self-Care is an important part of staying healthy during this period of remote learning. Taking a walk, baking fresh bread, playing with a puppy or making art are all good ways to break up the mundane. We used Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting to inspire our beautiful paintings. Bob Ross is a great inspiration for not only painting, but also life. In addition to teaching us that the closer to the forground, the darker the color, Bob also professes life lessons.

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents”

“When painting, you are in control. You decide what is there.”

“Every tree needs a friend.”

If you’d like to join the same session, we painted Season 20 Episode 1 of The Joy of Painting. It can be found on YouTube Share with us what you paint!