Interim Celebrations

Kelly created two versions of the painting – We both agree this was the favorite.
Fiona created a lovely version of Bob’s painting using acrylics.

Probably my favorite time of year is Interims. Interims provides both our students and staff to take a break from their normal academic classes and explore new endeavors.  Not only do we all try new things, but we also have the opportunity to work with new people.  It is not uncommon to find middle and high school students working together in Interim classes.  I think the best example I saw of this this year was watching our upper high school students playing croquet with new 7th graders. 

For me, Interims are always a struggle of balancing what I want to do (teach classes with students!) and what I need to do (the more boring parts of my job).  In the past, I’ve especially enjoyed teaching cooking & baking classes, teaching the ancient art of Batik and hosting Sources of Strength activities.  This time, I decided to take on an asynchronous remote class – Painting with Bob Ross.  The set up was simple and the results thus far are amazing!  Above you can see two of the paintings that were created in this class.  And you can also find the Bob Ross Video if you would like to give it a try yourself.  The medium that you use is open – watercolor, crayon, pastels, acrylics, or even oils – as Bob himself uses.  Email me what you create – and enjoy the break for your brain.