Kenai Peninsula Middle College School


River City Academy furthers it’s mission of providing individualized pathways towards mastery of standards by encouraging participation in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s Middle College School.  Middle College is a great choice for students who want to complete their high school diploma by taking classes at Kenai Peninsula College.  Through the partnership between Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and Kenai Peninsula College, Middle College students earn both high school and college credits while benefiting from the support of a collaborative learning environment, a cohort of middle college peers, and a structured mentoring program. Students will still be able to take classes in person at River City Academy in conjunction with their KPMCS classes.

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Middle College students are enrolled in six credits their first semester and, if eligible, may be enrolled in upto 12 credits in subsequent semesters.  Students may work toward both their general requirements for both certificate and degree programs.

Each student is assigned a KPBSD mentor, who will check in with the student every week.  Mentors provide a point of contact and support system for students as they learn to navigate college course work and campus life.  Mentors help students make progress, set goals and reflect on their process.  Most importantly, mentors celebrate student success and provide individual support.

Students apply to the Middle College Program through the website. Eligible students should have a minimum grade point average of 2.5, be a junior or senior in high school and test at appropriate placement levels for college readiness.

Kenai Peninsula Middle College provides a guided pathway to help students transition from high school to college, while earning credit in both schools and participating in the culture of both campuses.

To learn more about Kenai Peninsula Middle College through our Districts website or to apply, click the button below: