Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Kenai Peninsula Middle College

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email Dawn at  

Q:  What is a Middle College?

A: Middle colleges are partnerships between local school districts and local colleges which provide a pathway for high school students to meet graduation requirements through taking classes at the college.  Middle Colleges provide students the ability to make a smooth transition from high school to college and begin their college careers ahead of traditional students.  

Q:  What is the cost of Middle College?

A:  Costs for tuition and books at KPC are covered through our Middle College.  There may be smaller fees that parents incur – but tuition and books are covered for the first six credits. 

Q:  Why attend a Middle College (instead of JumpStart or other programs)?

A:  There’s many benefits of attending Middle College:  

Student Support

  • Mentoring & On Boarding through RCA
  • KPC courses specific to Middle College students
  • Paid tuition through KPBSD
  • KPMC tutoring available


  • Part of a community of Middle College Students
  • Continued participation in athletics, electives, interims, etc… (vs. early graduation)
  • Common classes with other KPMC students

Q:  Do you earn both High School and College credit?

A:   Yes!  Students earn college credit through Kenai Peninsula College and high school credit through River City Academy.  Per KPBSD policy, high school credit is awarded as 1.o high school credit for each 3-4 credit college course.  

Q:  Why do Middle College Students have a mentor?

A:  Research shows that mentoring positively impacts students.  Mentors help students transition from high school to college. 

Q:  Can Middle College students take an additional course or two using JumpStart tuition?

A:  Yes!  Students who are qualified can take upto an additional six credits through JumpStart and receive reduced tuition for those courses.  The tuition and books for these additional courses will need to be paid by the parent, guardian or student.  

Q:  Is transportation provided?

A:   We are still working on the need and availabilty of transportation.  Please check back again.  

Q:  Which classes are required for Middle College Students?  

A:   For our first pilot semester, KPMC students will be taking Communications 111 as a group.  This is a dedicated course for Middle College students only.  Working with their mentor, using placement info and career pathways students will also choose one other course.  

Required:  COMM A111 – Fundamentals of Oral Communication *KPMC students only

KPC Options: 

WRTG A111 – Writing across Contexts

MATH–A105 – Intermediate Algebra

MATH A151 – College Algebra for Calculus

MATH A251 – Calc 1,

PSY A111 – Intro to Psychology

HIST A131 – History of the United States

Q:  Can I participate in sports or other extra curriculars at my traditional school?

A:   Yes!  As a student at RCA, you can participate in athletics and other extra curricular activities at your traditional school. 

Q:  Can I take a class at my traditional school?

A:   Per KPBSD policy,  students may take upto two classes at another school, pending space and approval.  

Q:  Do I have to enroll at RCA as a full time student?  

A:   Yes.  With this being our pilot year, KPMC students are enrolled through RCA and then can opt in to the Middle College program.   We are currently not accepting part time Middle College students.