Alaska Safe Children’s Act

SMCS is required to comply with the Alaska Safe Children’s Act (informally known as Erin’s and Bree’s Law) which is made up of two separate pieces of legislation and went into effect on June 30, 2017.

  • AS 14.30.355 (Erin’s Law)
  • AS 14.30.356 (Bree’s Law)

AS 14.30.355 Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention – The governing body of each school district shall adopt and implement a policy, establish a training program for employees and students, and provide parent notices relating to sexual abuse and sexual assault awareness and prevention for students enrolled in grades kindergarten through 12.

SMCS uses the District approved Great Body Shop curriculum to accomplish this requirement which has also been approved by the SMCS Academic Policy Committee.

The Great Body Shop student instructional pages and teacher lessons guides are available electronically and available to parents upon request to the principal. A link to these items can be supplied via email upon request. Please contact Mr. DeVolld with the grade level(s) you are interested in reviewing.

If you do not wish to have your child participate in this instruction, please complete the District Opt-Out Form, and submit it to the school prior to the instruction date provided by the teacher.