Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Choices



KPBSD: One district, 42 diverse schools

Parents and schools share equally valuable roles in education. Parents and guardians are more than volunteers; they are part of a school's learning community. Students and parents both have enormous influence in the quality of a child's education. Research shows that parents and teachers build partnerships that help children succeed.
In Alaska you can choose to send your students to:

Superintendent Sean Dusek said, “I believe the diversity of our district is a strength. Our students have many opportunities to share and learn from one another. While there are challenges in serving this diverse district, we also gain many perspectives that support our mission of preparing every student for their future.”

KPBSD Neighborhood Schools
Neighborhood schools offer the district adopted curriculum choices and educate elementary, middle and secondary students. School configurations range from K-2, K-5; K-6; K-8; K-12; 6-8; 6-12; 7-8; and 9-12.

KPBSD Alternative Schools
Alternative schools provide free public school choices for students who have not found success at a traditional school and desire other options to complete their education and receive a high school education:

KPBSD Charter Schools
Charter schools provide free public school choices for students and their families. Attendance is based on a lottery system. Charter schools allow parents, teachers and students to choose an alternative curriculum or program of study. Charter schools also offer a choice to parents who want a style or type of instruction that they believe best fits their child’s needs. KPBSD offers four charter schools:

KPBSD Homeschool
The KPBSD homeschool option provides offices in Homer, Soldotna, and Seward to serve families and students who reside on the Kenai Peninsula. Connections Homeschool is the largest school in the district, and receives the added support from being a part of the KPBSD school district. Students receive a KPBSD high school diploma.

  • Connections Homeschool

KPBSD Performance-Based School
A performance-based school does not include time in spent in a class or a grade as a variable to consider when determining student advancement. That is, at the end of the school year a student in a performance-based school is not advanced to a new grade. The advancement only occurs after a student has demonstrated proficiency in meeting the standards within the prescribed course of study.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District provides diverse schools in order to meet the educational needs of every student, and develop productive, responsible citizens who are prepared to be successful in a dynamic world.
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