KPBSD School Safety Protocol


The current Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is up-to-date, with actions and procedures that are practiced regularly.

KPBSD requires employee safety and emergency action training in order to instigate and implement the EAP for a school or the school district. 

KPBSD takes seriously the safety concerns from families, employees, students, and the community. We call upon our school communities to renew a determination to keep children safe by reporting any safety concerns to a school principal or the district office.

School Delays and Closure Protocol webpage

Emergency Drills

Every school practices several drills each year, including school lock-downs, hit-the-deck drills, and emergency actions and evacuations in the event of intruders, fire, earthquakes, or other circumstances.

Law Enforcement

The school district and each neighborhood school work closely with law enforcement in order to coordinate communications, the EAP, and identify areas of concern. The school district and individual schools are responsive to make adjustments when or if gaps in safety protocols are discovered.

Safety Procedures

In order to continue to improve school safety, the district and schools are reviewing the district-wide EAP, and school site implementations. Every school has safety for school visitors, traffic flow during school start and end times, mandatory check-in at the school office, designated entrances and exits, and so forth. Schools do send home notices prior to a drill that involves law enforcement. All school volunteers must go through a district-level screening.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

For security purposes, our district-wide KPBSD Emergency Action Plan is not available on our website for public viewing. Protocols and procedures are in place and practiced regularly and in conjunction with local law enforcement. Our school administrators and teachers know the action plan, and have access to it on site, and online.

The EAP organizational system used by KPBSD is designed to be applied to any emergency. It is based on the Incident Command System, a proven emergency management tool to organize an emergency response.

"Families trust our schools to keep their children safe during the day. The reality is, however, that schools may be touched either directly or indirectly by a crisis at any time. Knowing what to do when faced with a crisis can mean the difference between calm and chaos, courage and fear, life and death" -KPBSD Emergency Action Plan

Tsunami Evacuation Information

In the event of a Tsunami, please review this community resource including maps for evacuation routes, and what to do in an emergency.

Updated 12.19.12