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Science Curriculum Committee
  • April Kaufman – K-Beach Elementary School
  • Paula McCoy - K- Beach Elementary School
  • Jason Daniels – K-Beach Elementary School
  • Patricia Haywood – K-Beach Elementary School
  • Suzanne Klaben – K-Beach Elementary School
  • Laura Murphy – Razdolna School
  • Michelle Fournier – Razdolna School
  • Lyn Maslow – West Homer Elementary School
  • Katie Bynagle – West Homer Elementary School
  • Kendall Dellasperanza – McNeil Canyon Elementary School
  • Brianna Redfern – Nikiski North Star Elementary
Middle School
  • Mayme Grant - Kenai Middle School
  • Margi Blanding – Homer Middle School
  • Jennifer Booz– Homer Middle School
High School
  • Carol Hutto – River City Academy
  • Dawn Edwards-Smith – River City Academy
  • Bruce Rife - Homer High School
  • Vicki Lowe - Homer High School
  • Christine Bergholtz - Kenai Central High School
  • Chris Hanson – Kenai Central High School
  • David Emery – Soldotna High School
Community Members
  • Dan Pascucci – Community Member; Kenai Watershed Forum
  • CJ Rea – Community Member
District Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
  • Melissa Linton – KPBSD Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
  • Dr. Steve Atwater - Superintendent

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