Name & Title Ext. Duties

Lyon, Kevin


  • Provides maintenance support to all schools and departments of KPBSD.
  • Supervises the Warehouse, Transportation, Student Nutrition Services and the Theater departments.
  • Capital Improvement applications to the Department of Education and Early Development.
  • Coordinates capital projects and major maintenance with various Kenai Peninsula Borough Departments and follow-up onsite inspections conducted by the Department of Environmental Conservation and the State Fire Marshal.
  • Coordinator for 1% for Art to the Department of Education and Early Development.
  • Oversees all OSHA, ADA and AHERA issues.
  • Oversee KPBSD swimming pool operations, water quality at school and department sites and all custodial issues.
  • Prepare a preventative maintenance plan for the Department of Education and Early Development.
  • Oversee the Integrated Pest Management plan. 


Melody Best
Transportation Supervisor


  • Bus Schedules
  • Bus Routes
  • Bus Guidelines

Buchanan, Diane
SNS Supervisor


  • Food nutrition services
  • School Kitchen Management
  • Free/reduced lunch applications
  • Menu’s

Williams, Kirk
Warehouse Supervisor


  • Warehouse deliveries
  • Delivery schedules
  • Warehouse catalogs and supplies

Alridge, Cindy
Pool Supervisor

  • Middle and high school pool management
  • Pool rentals

Elder, Tim
Theater Manager

  • Kenai Central High, Soldotna High and Nikiski High Auditoriums
  • Elementary, middle, high school and charter school programs in the area including music festivals and graduations.