New admin and leadership team

KPBSD is grateful for all our school leaders who served, and retired or moved onto new adventures at the end of the school year in June.

  21-0602 New Admin and Leadership

Let us collectively welcome new school principals, assistant principals (ap), and leadership team members at district office who will begin these new assignments in the 2021-2022 school year!


KPBSD Administrators 2021-2022

Connections Homeschool: Mr. Greg Melvin, (AP)

Homer Middle School: Ms. Meghan Redmond

Kenai Central High School: Mr. Dan Beck

Kenai Middle School: Mr. Ken Felchle, (AP)

Mountain View Elementary: Ms. Hannah Dolphin (AP)

Nanwalek School: Ms. Penny Bearden

Nikiski Middle-High School: Mr. Shane Bostic; Mr. Mike Crain (AP)

Nikiski North Star Elementary: Mrs. Jenna Fabian

Paul Banks Elementary: Mr. Jerry Stapleton

Port Graham School: Mr. Eric Hart

Razdolna School: Dr. Michael Sturm

Seward High School: Mr. Henry Burns

Seward Middle School: Mr. Matt Potter

Skyview Middle School: Ms. Jill DuFloth; Ms. Shonia Werner (AP)

Soldotna High School: Mr. Sarge Truesdell

Susan B. English School, Seldovia: Mr. Scott Jonsson

Tebughna School: Ms. Christy Gomez


District Office

Director of Elementary Education: Mr. Eric Pederson
Director of Secondary Education: Mr. Tony Graham

Assistant Superintendent: Ms. Kari Dendurent

Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Clayton Holland


KPBSD welcomes…

Connections Homeschool
Mr. Greg Melvin has been assigned to be AP for next school year at Connections. Mr. Melvin will be working closely with Rich Bartolowits and also be completing other special projects for the district.


Homer Middle School
Ms. Meghan Redmond accepted the principal position for Homer Middle School for next year. Ms. Redmond has been the assistant principal at New Stuyahok for the last several years. We are thrilled to have her come on board. Ms. Redmond is looking forward to working at HMS and raising her family in Homer.


Kenai Central High School
Mr. Dan Beck has accepted the job of KCHS principal starting next school year. We have the upmost confidence that Mr. Beck and Assistant Principal Will Chervenak will be a powerhouse administrative team working together!


Kenai Middle School

Mr. Ken Felchle will be the new AP at Kenai Middle School. Mr. Felchle has been with the KPBSD for well over 20 years as a teacher and coach.


Mountain View Elementary
Ms. Hannah Dolphin will be the AP at Mountain View Elementary next year. Ms. Dolphin has been an excellent teacher at KPBSD for the last seven years while working at K-Beach Elementary School.


Nanwalek School

Ms. Penny Bearden will be the new principal for Nanwalek School! Penny has been with the district as a teacher in Nanwalek for the last eight years where she has done great work with our students and the community.


Nikiski Middle-High School

Mr. Shane Bostic will be the Nikiski Middle-High School principal starting next year, and Mr. Michael Crain will become the next Assistant Principal!


Nikiski North Star Elementary
Mrs. Jenna Fabian, previously the Assistant Principal at Mountain View Elementary will be the next principal of Nikiski North Star Elementary School! 


Paul Banks Elementary

Mr. Jerry Stapleton will be the new principal at Paul Banks Elementary. In the 2020-2021 school year Mr. Stapleton worked as a primary grade teacher at Nikiski North Star Elementary, but came to our district with vast experience as a principal in Georgia. Mr. Stapleton is thrilled to be leading the team at Paul Banks.


Port Graham School
Mr. Eric Hart will be the next principal/teacher of Port Graham School. Mr. Hart will be joining us from the Chatham School District in SE Alaska where he has spent the last 15 years. We look forward to all that Mr. Hart is bringing to Port Graham and the KPBSD.


Razdolna School

Dr. Michael Sturm has accepted the job as the principal/teacher for Razdolna School. Dr. Strum is a Skyview High School graduate who has been teaching in Razdolna most recently. We are excited to have him come on board with us.


Seward High School
Mr. Henry Burns has the accepted the principal position at Seward High School next year.  Mr. Burns has most recently been an administrator at North Pole High School, in North Pole, Alaska. Mr. Burns is excited to join the KPBSD as the principal of Seward High School and we look forward to the great things to come at Seward High school. 


Seward Middle School

Mr. Matt Potter has accepted the principal/teacher position at Seward Middle School.  Mr. Potter is a long time Alaskan who is currently living in Sitka.  We are excited to have Matt join the KPBSD admin team and we are confident he is going to do great things and bring a lot of energy to Seward Middle School and the district.


Skyview Middle School

Ms. Jill DuFloth, current AP at Skyview has agreed to be the interim principal at Skyview Middle School next school year. Ms. DuFloth has done great work as the AP of Skyview and we are happy to have her step into the principal role next year where we know she will do great work and help the school with the next transition. Ms. Shonia Werner will be joining Principal Jill DuFloth as the AP of Skyview Middle School next school year.  Shonia has been an educator for several years with the KPBSD and most recently has been teaching and doing her administrative internship at River City Academy.


Soldotna High School

Mr. Sarge Truesdell will be the next Soldotna High School Principal. We all look forward to the great things that will come with the team at Soldotna High School.


Susan B. English School, Seldovia
Mr. Scott Jonsson will be joining our administrative team next year as the principal/teacher of Susan B. English School in Seldovia. Mr. Jonsson is joining us from Anchorage and has a spent a lot of time on the Kenai Peninsula, particularly on the water (he can tell you more about that next year). We look forward to all the great ideas and experiences Mr. Jonsson will bring to Susan B. English School.


Tebughna School
In Tyonek, Christy Gomez will take over as principal/teacher for Tebughna School. Ms. Gomez has been an educator at Tebughna for several years and we look forward her to being in this role.


District Office Leadership

Director of Elementary Education
Paul Banks Elementary Principal Mr. Eric Pederson will be the next Director of Elementary Education!


Director of Secondary Education
Soldotna High School Principal Mr. Tony Graham will be the next Director of Secondary Education!


Assistant Superintendent
Homer Middle School Principal Ms. Kari Dendurent will be the next Assistant Superintendent for the KPBSD!


Superintendent of Schools
Assistant Superintendent Clayton Holland will be the next Superintendent of Schools!