Student Eligibility for Alaska Performance Scholarship and NCAA

Student selections for Math and Language Arts 12 courses may impact their eligibility for both the Alaska Performance Scholarship and potential college athletic opportunities through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The charts below show commonly offered KPBSD courses and their eligibility status for these two programs. Students and parents may find this information helpful in course selection; in addition, school counselors may assist with any questions.


KPBSD Course #   Credit Type   KPBSD Course Name   APS Eligibility?   NCAA approved?  
MM703 ELEC Math Elective No No
MM705 MATH Pre-Algebra 1 No No
MM706 MATH Algebra Readiness No No
MM710 MATH Pre-Algebra 2 No No
MM725 MATH Algebra Yes   Yes  
MM726 MATH Personal Finance No No
MM727 MATH Business Math No No
MM730 MATH Geometry Yes   Yes  
MM731 MATH Algebraic Modeling Yes No
MM732 MATH Statistics Yes   Yes  
MM735 MATH Adv Algebra Yes   Yes  
MM740 MATH Math Analysis No Yes
MM745 MATH Precalc-Trig Yes   Yes  
MM750 MATH Calculus Yes   Yes  
MM755 MATH AP Calculus Yes   Yes  
MM760 MATH Per Fin Mth No No
MM765 MATH Cllg Int Algbr No No
MM770 MATH Cllg Algebra No No
MM775 MATH College Math Yes   *  

KPBSD Language Arts 12 (Senior Year)

KPBSD Course #   Credit Type   KPBSD Course Name   APS Eligibility?   NCAA approved?  
LL720 LA12 British Lit Yes   Yes  
LL725 LA12 Applied Communication No No - Denied
LL730 LA12 Fiction Yes   Yes  
LL735 LA12 Film as Lit No No -  Denied
LL740 LA12 Journalism No Yes
LL745 LA12 LA College Prep No Yes
LL750 LA12 Creative Wrtng Yes   Yes  
LL755 LA12 Analysis Lit No No
LL760 LA12 AP English Lit Yes   Yes  
LL765 LA12 Debate Yes No Submission
LL770 LA12 Dramatic Lit No No Submission
LL780 LA12 Speech Yes   Yes  
LL790 LA12 12 Englit-Comp Yes   Yes  
LL795 LA12 AP Englangcomp Yes   Yes  
LL800 LA12 Tchncl Wrtng No No Submission