Field Trip Policies and Forms

For all field trips, please read policies:

For field trips which include a Special Needs student:

Field Trip Required Forms

FormRoutine In-DistrictExtended In-StateOut-of-State
E 6153(a) Preliminary Field Trip Preparation  
(10 months in advance for Out-of-State; 18 months in advance for international)
E 6153(c) Field Trip Information Form  YesYesYes
E 6153(d) Verification of Field Trip InformationYesYesYes
E 6153(e) Field Trip QuestionnaireNoYesYes
E 6153(f) Student Indemnification StatementYesYesYes
E 6153(g) Student Behavior ContractNoNoYes
E 6153(h) Chaperone/Volunteer Indemnification Statement  YesYesYes
Volunteer Screening Process for chaperone background checkYesYesYes
E 6153(i) Permission to Travel Outside the United States (only if trip is international)  
Also refer to www.Travel.State.Gov for specific information on international travel.
E 3541.1(a) Driver Registration Form (if students are being driven)YesYesYes
E 3541.1(b) Private Vehicle Transportation Safety Check (if being driven in private vehicle)YesYesYes
E 3541.1(c) Booster Seat Safety Check (depending on size of student)YesYesYes
E 6153.1(a) Field Trip Participation Consent Form for Medically Fragile/Intensive Needs (if needed)Yes*Yes*Yes*
E 6153.1(b) Field Trip Accommodation Plan; Students with Medical Needs (if needed)Yes*Yes*Yes*
Flight ItineraryNoYes*Yes
Daily ItineraryYesYesYes
List of contacts including cell phone of teacher chaperone(s)YesYesYes
List of certified teachers that will be chaperoningYesYesYes
List of chaperones that will be the same gender as students they superviseYes**Yes**Yes
All chaperones will need a background checkYesYesYes
Insurance summaryYesYesYes
Due to safety concerns, no 9-15 passenger vans may be used.  8-passenger (or less) mini vans are allowed.YesYesYes
* Special needs/medically fragile student(s) only
** If overnight, only
Note: All forms for out-of-state or international field trips should be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for approval after they are approved by the site administrator.