Alaska fiscal challenge and impact to KPBSD budget

Alaska Kids Count. Can they count on us?

"As the State of Alaska works to develop a sustainable long-term fiscal plan, our district will continue to provide the highest quality educational experience it can within that state plan. We are asking all of our stakeholders to be engaged in the budget process to help prioritize programs and services to be offered in our district. Some decisions may be difficult, but there are many opportunities, too. Ultimately, our budget process will help inform our state and borough leaders of the needs our schools have to provide an excellent education. I look forward to beginning this discussion and supporting all stakeholders to participate in the district and state planning process." - Sean Dusek, Superintendent

Do you know which educational opportunities for your children and the youth in our communities might diminish because of a multi-million dollar budget deficit in the KPBSD? Become informed so you can advocate for the 2017-2018 school district budget which will define opportunities and offerings in August, 2017. The budget recommendation goes to the school board in March. Everyone is welcome to these community meetings:

  • Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 5:30 p.m., Seward High School library
  • Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 5:30 p.m., Soldotna High School library. This presentation will also be broadcast via skype for business at these school locations: Kenai Central High School library, Nikiski Middle-High School library, Port Graham, Nanwalek, Susan B. English, and Tebughna schools.
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 5:30 p.m., Homer High School library


  • LEARN: Educate yourself about the state fiscal crisis and consequences for your neighborhood schools and KPBSD
  • GET FACTS: Ask questions at your school and district to make sure you understand school finances, local facts, and implications for our kids
  • ACT: Engage in conversation with your family, friends, neighbors, and elected officials to ensure we are all involved in the state and local process, solutions, and fiscal plan

Parents, staff, students, business partners, community members, and elected officials: KPBSD needs your help so that together we can continue to meet the needs of our diverse students, identify efficiencies, and examine contingencies for decreased funding of public education. Together, we can show how KPBSD is an excellent investment for everyone's future, and become part of the solution to bring forward a sustainable multi-revenue fiscal plan for our state.

To-Do Resources:

  • Watch the nine minute video shown at the KPBSD community budget meetings to learn how KPBSD crafts a multi-million dollar budget in response to the fiscal reality impacting all aspects of state government and funding for public education.
  • View any of the other short videos that explain aspects of funding and budgets*
  • Offer your comments, ideas, and questions online:
    • What can KPBSD provide to help you—and others—understand the fiscal problem and assist with solutions?
    • Which areas of the district budget, or a school site budget, could be reduced if there is a 3 to 20 percent reduction in state funding revenue to education in 2017-2018?
    • What are your suggestions to legislators about funding shortfall solutions?
  • Attend a KPBSD Key Communicator Hour, school site council meeting, school board meeting, and have conversations with friends, neighbors, and elected officials.


KPSBD online video channel: Budget

  • FY18 Community Budget Development presentation, 10-13-16, PDF and Video
  • Budget Basics PDF and Video
  • Fund Balance Categories PDF and Video
  • General Fund Revenue PDF and Video
  • Grants PDF and Video
  • Staffing Formulas PDF and Video                

*link includes all videos & PDFs

Additional Links:

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