Vaughn Dosko Region 3 Principal of the Year

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Principal Vaughn Dosko, Kenai Middle School, is awarded the 2022 Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals (AASSP)

“The positive culture and traditions at Kenai Middle School are a direct result of the good work of Mr. Vaughn Dosko,” said Superintendent Clayton Holland. “Mr. Dosko has strived to build positive relations with his staff, families, the community of Kenai, and most importantly with his students. This work has resulted in having a building that produces positive student outcomes and the inclusion of all students. Congratulations to Mr. Dosko for this well-deserved recognition!”

For the past 11 years, Mr. Dosko has been the leader of Kenai Middle School, and he is completing his 16th year in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. After learning about this award, Principal Dosko said, “Jubilation in evoked in me because this is not a one person award this is an award for the staff, students, community and district. I thank the staff at KMS, the district office staff, students, and the community of Kenai. My wife and kids need a huge shout out as well because I am not there as much as I would like because KMS eats up a lot of time.”

Assistant Superintendent Kari Dendurent shared that Principal Dosko puts students first. “When one walks into Kenai Middle School it is evident KMS is student friendly and has a welcoming and safe aura. This is seen immediately at the entrance with student work, the many student engagement activities, through observation in student-to-student interactions as well as the multitude of events throughout the school year.”

Mr. Dosko attended high school in Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Special Education at Minot State University, in Minot, North Dakota, and a Master of Education from the University of Idaho.

A favorite aspect to his work each day is bus duty! Mr. Dosko says, “I love doing bus duty. There is nothing better than to see and greet all the kids as they get off the bus or dropped off by mom, dad, or a sibling.” He shares that, “While in high school I volunteered in the special education room working with students who needed extra help” and this inspired his career path. Advice from Principal Dosko to younger people is, “Keep a journal of your journey!”

Helping others become their best is an important quality in Principal Dosko. He said, “For the past three years, I have worked with the State of Alaska principal mentorship program. I enjoy giving back to the profession to help new to the state and new administrators be successful. If I had not had people step up and help me, I would not be where I am today.”

The KPBSD joins Kenai Middle School to celebrate Principal Vaughn Dosko. You can visit the school Facebook page or website to learn more about the great things happening in this school.



AASSP sponsors regional and statewide Principal of The Year recognition awards to honor the educational leaders who play such a pivotal role in student success. They may be nominated by anyone–students, staff, parents, district office staff or principal peers—with awards finalized by AASSP members in their region. Regional Principals of The Year are eligible to be in the running for the statewide Alaska Principal of The Year.

Each AASSP 2022 Regional Principal of The Year will be awarded and recognized at the 56th Annual Alaska Principals’ Conference, scheduled to be held in Anchorage October 14-15, 2022.