Education Bills: Your voice matters-focus on five

2022-03-31-education-bills - Education Bills Your_voice_matters
  • Take 5 minutes to review these 5 important education bills
  • Talk to 5 friends, colleagues, or family members about these topics, and then:

Five action ideas

  1. Contact your state legislator via phone, email, or attend a town meeting
  2. Testify at a legislative hearing in a LIO office, make a phone call, or write a letter
  3. Listen to a committee hearing, and track bill movement with SMS alerts from #AKleg
  4. Talk to elected officials in city and borough government, and your school principal or site council about these bills
  5. Advocate for a state fiscal plan; speak up to share your positive stories about education. Help the public understand the positive value and outcomes happening in KPBSD

Legislative information

Dedicated webpage: KPBSD and the Legislature

Thank you for your advocacy; your stories about the positive outcomes from KPBSD schools will assist with these bills.

2022-03-31-education-bills - 2022 03 KPBSD Focus on Five Education Bills