Planning and Operations Staff

planning-and-operations - Kevin-Lyon

Kevin Lyon

Director of Planning and Operations
P: 907.714.8821
F: 907.262.7165

Contact Information

April Hayes
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Planning & Operations
P: 907.714.8821
F: 907.262.7165

Admin Staff

April Hayes

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Planning & Operations

Phone: 907.714.8821

Pool Staff

Cindy Aldridge

Pool Supervisor


  • Middle and High school pool management
  • Pool rentals

Purchasing Staff

Jackie Haeg

Head Buyer

Phone: 907.714.8822


  • Assist schools, departments and vendors with purchasing questions
  • Prepare, issue, monitor and award bids, proposals and requests for quotes
  • Post bids, proposals and recaps to purchasing webpage
  • Purchasing approval of requisitions
  • Print Purchase Orders
  • Manage Copier, Fuel, Solid Waste Services, Fall School Pictures, Cap & Gown agreements/contracts
  • Review requisitions awaiting purchasing approval for Nanwalek, Nikiski Middle High, Nikiski North Star, Nikolaevsk, Ninilchik, Paul Banks, Razdolna, Redoubt Elementary, River City Academy, Seward Elementary, Seward High, Seward Middle, Skyview Middle, Soldotna Elementary, Soldotna High, Soldotna Montessori, Soldotna Prep, Sterling Elementary, Susan B English, Tebughna, Tustumena Elementary, Voznesenka, West Homer Elementary, Superintendent's Office, Curriculum, Federal Programs/Grants, Finance, HR, Professional Development, Pupil Services, DW Nurse Coordinator, & Work Force Development
  • Certificate of Insurance updates

Colton Hayes

Supply Buyer

Phone: 907.714.8813


  • Assist schools, departments and vendors with purchasing questions
  • Prepare and award request for quotes
  • Purchasing approval of requisitions
  • Send out printed Purchase Orders (via fax, mail, or bizhub/email) and confirm receipt of purchase orders
  • Review requisitions awaiting purchasing approval for Aurora Borealis, Chapman, Connections, Cooper Landing, Fireweed Academy, Homer Flex, Homer High, Homer Middle, Hope, K-Beach, Kachemak-Selo, Kaleidoscope, Kenai Alternative, Kenai Central, Kenai Middle, Marathon, McNeil Canyon, Moose Pass, Mountain View, Assessment, Elementary & Secondary Education, K-12 Schools, Planning & Operations, Student Nutrition, Transportation & Warehouse
  • Maintain & update Vendor Commodity Code List
  • Travel information updates (hotels, cars)
  • Certificate of Insurance updates

Student Nutrition Services Staff

Tammy Clancy

SNS Specialist

Phone: 907.714.8831


  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant Program
  • Student Nutrition Managers and Cashier Support

Brett Collver

SNS Supply Buyer

Phone: 907.714.8827


  • SNS inventory Bids and Quotes
  • Manages SNS warehouse storage

Teresa Halverson

SNS Free / Reduced Administrative Secretary

Phone: 907.714.8832


  • Student Programs applications and Meal benefits contact
  • Student Nutrition accounts receivable and parent refunds
  • Student Nutrition Cashiers Support
  • Student Nutrition Substitute placement

Vanessa McFall

SNS Supervisor

Phone: 907.714.8890


  • Food nutrition services
  • School Kitchen Management
  • Free/reduced lunch applications
  • Menu's

Theater Staff

Tim Elder

Theater Manager


  • Kenai Central High, Soldotna High and Nikiski High Auditoriums
  • Elementary, middle, high school and charter school programs in the area including music festivals and graduations

Transportation Staff

Melody Best

Transportation Supervisor

Phone: 907.714.8834


  • Contract compliance
  • Trans-finder computerized transportation system
  • Financial transactions
  • In-lieu agreements
  • Parent assistance
  • Special education transport information
  • Students-in-transition transport
  • Activity bus drivers
  • Activity bus maintenance
  • Stop inspections
  • Stop requests
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Fuel Cards
  • State Bus Inspections

Joanie Hawkins

Transportation Specialist

Phone: 907.714.8971


  • Activity Buses

Warehouse Staff

Kathy Doyle

Warehouse Buyer

Phone: 907.714.8816


  • Answer questions on purchase orders
  • Coordinate returns</li.
  • Fill stock requisitions/check mail
  • Maintain surplus property list
  • Maintain warehouse inventory
  • Quote and order supplies
  • Receive data on APECs from PO's
  • Resolve all shortage/invoice issues
  • Warehouse Catalog
  • Write up survey
  • Call on purchase order status with vendors
  • Petty cash

Vincent Kruzick

Warehouse Driver


  • Bloodborne pick-up
  • Anchorage pick-up/deliveries
  • Custodial duties
  • Deliveries/pick-ups
  • Fill stock orders
  • Write up survey

Patrick Mize

Warehouse Driver


  • Bloodborne pick-up
  • Deliveries/pick-ups at schools
  • Fill stock requisitions and stock shelves
  • Receive data on APECs from POs
  • Receive freight/mail
  • Repair district equipment
  • Repair and move furniture/shelves
  • Write up survey

Ed Pearson

Storekeeper / Courier


  • Weight / Shred
  • Custodial duties
  • Deliveries / pick-ups
  • Fill stock orders
  • Write up survey
  • Stock handler

Jamie Rasmussen

SNS Storekeeper

Phone: 907.714.8833


  • Weigh / Shred
  • Fill stock orders
  • Write up survey
  • Stock handler
  • Custodial duties
  • Deliveries / pick-ups

Kirk Williams

Warehouse Supervisor

Phone: 907.714.8815


  • Warehouse deliveries
  • Delivery schedules
  • Warehouse catalogs and supplies