Pool Managers:

Rental Rates for community use:


Category A: School and school-related activities

Category B: Youth public, groups/organizations open to all school-age children, which provide youth activities in which school-age children are the primary beneficiaries.

Category C: Individual Birthday Party – two lifeguards

Category D: Non-Profit Organizations supporting recreational water and/or life, health and safety activities in and around water for training and/or certification purposes. (meeting the requirements of E 1240 Organizations Supporting Student Activities and Non-Profit Organizations Supporting Recreational Water Activities and/or life/health and safety activities in and around water for training and/or certification purposes and a signed MOA with the KPBSD)

Category E: Individual per lane rental – for organizations in Category B or C, if the lane rental occurs during normal operation, this reduced rate is based on pool and staffing availability. Rent up to three lanes or up to 50% of the lanes at each site for approved activity, with a maximum of four persons per lane. This is not designated for open swim events.

Category F: Any remaining groups that do not meet the criteria for Category A, B, C, D, or E

Pool Fees

Admission Fees for Public SwimAdultsYouthSenior Citizen2 and Under
All Facilities$6.00$5.00$5.00Free
Punch Cards / $55.00AdultsYouthSenior Citizen2 and Under
All Facilities10 Swims12 Swims12 SwimsN/A
Pool Rental Fees Per Hour1 Lifeguard2 Lifeguards3 Lifeguards
Category AN/A
Category B$35.00$70.00
Category CN/A$90.00 up to 49 persons$125.00 50 or more persons
Category EPer Lane up to 3 Lanes @ $20 per lane. Maximum 4 persons per lane
Category F$150.00$185.00

Additional Lifeguards: $35.00 per hour as needed or determined by pool manager based on user group needs. After the first rental hour, lifeguard fees can be charged in one-quarter hour increments. For Categories A-E if the lifeguard is in overtime there is an additional $10 per hour charge, for each lifeguard in OT status.

For information on booking events in any of the pools call:

  • Ninilchik Pool – 907-714-0351         
  • Susan B. English Pool – 907-234-7616
  • Homer Pool  – 907-235-7416
  • Kenai Pool  – 907-283-7476
  • Seward Pool – 907-224-3900
  • Soldotna Pool – 907-262-7419
  • Skyview Pool  – 907-262-3905