Tim Elder

Tim Elder

Theater Manager
P: 907.283.2135
F: 907.262.7165

Tim is the Theater Manager for Kenai Central High, Soldotna High, Nikiski High, Homer High and Seward High Auditoriums. He schedules and books all events for school and community use of all five facilities.

He and his crew handle all elementary, middle, high school and charter school programs in the area including music festivals and graduations.

The crew consists of five full time technicians:

They are responsible for scheduling, and booking all community use in the theaters.

Rental Rates for community use are: $1,500.00 (profit) or $300.00 (non-profit). The technician cost is $30.00 per hour.

For information on booking events in any of the theaters, call the Kenai office at 907.283.2133.

  • Kenai Central High tech office: 907.283.2135
  • Soldotna High tech office: 907.260.7090
  • Nikiski High tech office: 907.776.9481
  • Homer High tech office: 907.283.2133
  • Seward High