Course Information

KPBSD provides courses in the following languages:




Sign Language

In addition to the above, several other languages are available through correspondence and distance education. At the time of this revision, Italian, Japanese, Sugsten, and German are offered through this mode of instruction.

Students with prior world language experience are allowed to enter the appropriate course level depending on their proficiency.

At the high school level:

  • Year I study includes novice level low and novice level high content.
  • Year II study includes intermediate level low and intermediate level high content.
  • Advance study is available for one of more years.

Each of the individual levels corresponds with yearlong course of study for pre-secondary students.

The standards set in this document are to be used as a framework for instruction and may vary according to the specifics of the language being taught.

Content and skills for Standards A are delineated individually in each of the three levels.

Standards B and C expectations are common among all three levels.

Students who are enrolled in World Language Courses are eligible to participate in ASAA opportunities.

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