Woodworking 2

  • Prerequisite Course(s): Woodworking 1
  • High School Credit = 1/2 credit per semester (Postsecondary credit = 0)
  • This course will be offered: every year
  • Pathway (Optional): Production
  • Career Cluster Area: Manufacturing
  • Source of Occupational Skills Standards: Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA)
  • Eligibility for Nationally Recognized Skill Certificate(s)/State License? No
  • Tech Prep: No
  • Is this course brokered through another institution or agency? No
  • Course Description: Woodworking 2 is a second semester course that is designed to give students the opportunity for building on the skills learned in Woodworking 1.
  • Content Headings/Topics
    1. Safety
    2. Problem solving
    3. Advanced machine processes
    4. Tool maintenance
    5. Using working drawing
    6. Project assembly and fasteners
    7. Project construction
    8. Advanced finish techniques
    9. Mass production and manufacturing
    10. Careers
Performance Standards (Learner Outcomes)Specific Occupational Skills StandardsAlaska Reading, Writing, Math, Science Performance StandardsAlaska Content StandardsAlaska Employability StandardsAlaska Cultural StandardsAll Aspects of IndustryAssessments
1. Demonstrate safe shop practices for self and others.OSHA Art 1R4.6, R4.9
HL AA6C3Health / Safety Work HabitsLab Assignment
2. Demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team to produce a product.MPP02HL CA5D2Lab Assignment
3. Describe and demonstrate how to correctly apply various wood finishing materials.Lab Assignment
4. Explain the benefits of mass production of a product and/or parts of a project.MPP02Lab Assignment
5. Identify various careers associated with the woodworking industry.ME1.4.1, ME1.4.2
R4.4, R4.5, R4.6, R4.11
A4 B2 B3 B4 B5A2Planning Work Habits Technology Technical Skills Labor Health / SafetyLab Assignment
6. Use working drawings from various sources to complete a project.
Lab Assignment
7. Demonstrate proper use of woodworking machines.MA2.4.1 – MA2.4.4
R.4.4, R4.6
SB.2, 6
A4Technical Skills Health / Safety Labor TechnologyLab Assignment
8. Construct a project using a working drawing, bill of materials, and plan of procedures.Math ELab Assignment
9. Describe the benefits of properly maintained shops, tools, and equipment.A6Lab Assignment

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