Architectural Design 2

  • Prerequisite Course(s): Architectural Design 1
  • High School Credit = 1/2 credit per semester (Postsecondary credit = 0)
  • This course will be offered: every year
  • Pathway (Optional): Design/Pre-Construction
  • Career Cluster Area: Architecture and Construction
  • Source of Occupational Skills Standards: Uniform Builders Code (UBC)
  • Eligibility for Nationally Recognized Skill Certificate(s)/State License? No
  • Tech Prep: No
  • Is this course brokered through another institution or agency? No
  • Course Description: This course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of commercial architecture and advanced residential architecture.
  • Content Headings/Topics
    1. Primary design and planning
    2. Area planning
    3. Basic residential architectural practices and techniques
    4. Technical and specialty architectural plans
    5. Architectural support services
Performance Standards (Learner Outcomes)Specific Occupational Skills StandardsAlaska Reading, Writing, Math, Science Performance StandardsAlaska Content StandardsAlaska Employability StandardsAlaska Cultural StandardsAll Aspects of IndustryAssessments
1. Assess and utilize fundamentals of commercial architectural design and planning.All Aspects of IndustryLab Assignments
2. Understand environ-mental design factors affecting residential construction and planning.All Aspects of IndustryLab Assignments
3. Identify differing room design criteria and use this information to design a functional commercial floor plan.Math ELab Assignments
4. Utilize drafting industry standard practices and procedures in floor plan development.UBC 97MA1.4.1 – MA1.4.7
MA2.4.1 – MA2.4.4
MA3.4.1, MA4.4.2
MA5.4.6, MA5.4.7
R4.4, R4.5 a, R4.5 b
R4.6, R4.9, R4.11
SA.4 SB.2, 3, SC.6
A5A2D5All Aspects of IndustryLab Assignments
5. Develop pictorial, elevation, and floor plans that meet architectural graphic standards.Math ELab Assignments
6. Produce schedules and specifications that meet architectural industry standards.MA1.4.1 – MA1.4.7
MA2.4.1 – MA2.4.4
MA3.4.1, MA4.4.2
MA5.4.6, MA5.4.7
R4.4, R4.5 a, R4.5 b
R4.6, R4.9, R4.11
SA.4 SB.2, 3, SC.6
Math EA5All Aspects of IndustryLab Assignments
7. Develop a working knowledge of Building Codes as they relate to basic commercial and residential construction.UBC 97MA1.4.1, MA2.4.1, MA2.4.3, MC1.4.3
R4.4 R4.5, 6, R4.9
SA.14c, SA.15 SB.5
A6Planning Management Community Technical Skills Health / SafetyLab Assignments
8. Estimate a residential floor plan on a spreadsheet utilizing both a square footage and actual cost method.Math ELab Assignments
9. Check commercial and residential plans utilizing architectural models, template checking, and architectural drawing checklists.Lab Assignments

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