Engineering Practicum

  • Prerequisite Course(s): Industrial Design Drafting 1
  • High School Credit = 1/2 credit per semester (Postsecondary credit = 0)
  • This course will be offered: every year
  • Pathway (Optional):
  • Career Cluster Area: Industrial Engineering
  • Source of Occupational Skills Standards: American National Standards Institute
  • Eligibility for Nationally Recognized Skill Certificate(s)/State License? No
  • Tech Prep: No
  • Is this course brokered through another institution or agency? No
  • Course Description: This course is designed to bring students together in engineering teams for an intensive semester of multiple engineering experiences. The students will apply math, science, English, and vocational skills in several problem-solving projects. The responsible control of technology to improve the quality of life for current and future generations is promoted.
  • Content Headings/Topics
    1. Engineering and design problem solving techniques
    2. Academic and vocational skills related to the engineering field
    3. Advanced CAD techniques related to the engineering field
    4. Construction and evaluation of a prototype
    5. Engineering support services
    6. Engineering careers
Performance Standards (Learner Outcomes)Specific Occupational Skills StandardsAlaska Reading, Writing, Math, Science Performance StandardsAlaska Content StandardsAlaska Employability StandardsAlaska Cultural StandardsAll Aspects of IndustryAssessments
1. Assess and utilize fundamentals of engineering design and problem solving techniques.Math DA2A6All Aspects of IndustryPre / Post Test
2. Utilize drafting industry standard practices and procedures in working drawing development.MS11 84.3.2MA1.4.1 – MA1.4.7
MA2.4.1 – MA2.4.4
R4.4, R4.5a, R4.5b
R4.6, R4.9, R4.11
SA.4 SB.2, 3
A2 D5Pre / Post Test
3. Understand environ-mental design factors affecting engineering design and planning.A5Pre / Post Test
4. Produce working drawing presentation set that meets engineering standards and promotes the design to an audience.LA DLab Assignment
5. Produce tolerance and specifications documents that meet professional engineering standards.MS11 84.3.2Lab Assignment
6. Apply math skills to problem solve engineering activities.V706 AMath EA2Lab Assignment
7. Apply science skills to problem solve engineering activities.SC DA2D5Lab Assignment
8. Apply English skills in the development of engineering activities.Technical SkillsLab Assignment
9. Utilize computer aided drafting practices and procedures to produce engineering working drawings.CADD 3.0Tech DLab Assignment
10. Produce a model to represent the engineering activity.NSTA 164.2A6 E4Technical SkillsLab Assignment
11. Utilize rendering techniques to present the engineering activity.A2Lab Assignment
12. Understand the testing services related to engineering activities.Lab Assignment
13. Identify presentation development providers and their activities.LA CAll Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment
14. Identify career fields in engineering.
R4.9, 11
R4.5a, b
TE5B2A.1 C.4,BLab Assignment
15. Develop a career pathway including a safety net that leads to a career in the engineering profession.B4A7All Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment
16. Utilize all available technologies to research the career field of engineering.M.E1.4.2
R4.9, 11
R4.5a, b
B4A.1 C.4,BLab Assignment

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