Metalsmithing and Jewelry Grades 8-12

In this course students will create three-dimensional articles using a variety of materials including metals.

Performing and Creating
1-61-9a. Use and explore new and traditional materials, tools, techniques, and processes used in metalsmithing and jewelry.• Design and complete an original jewelry project using several techniques.
1-63,4, 7,81-3, 61-7b. Demonstrate the ability to express ideas through metalsmithing and jewelry projects.• Research metalsmithing and jewelry production and occupational possibilities.
1-73,4, 7,81-51,4c. Demonstrate the ability to discuss, review, and solve problems related to the creation of personal art work and the art work of others.• Integrate several materials (e.g., feather, leather, glass, stones, bones, clay, fabrics, fiber, metals) and forms to create a jewelry piece.
History and Culture
41-81-31,5a. Explore similarities and differences in world cultural and ritual ornamentation.• Research and study Alaska Native and other cultures and ritual ornamentation.
41-91-52,5,7b. Identify the relationship between historical periods and cultures by viewing jewelry and metal works.
Evaluation and Analysis
3,41,2a. Apply the principles of design to the planning, evaluation, and construction of jewelry and metal products.• Design a project that shows a direct relationship to at least one culture other than the student’s own (e.g., Ancient Egyptian, Northwest Indian, trade beads, African lost wax casting, Chinese cloisonné).
3-5, 84,51-7b. Respect the opinions of others concerning own artwork and the artwork of others.
43,4, 7,81-51-7c. Express and support opinions about art forms, using appropriate vocabulary and a broad consideration of criteria.
41-81-52,3 5d. Communicate an understanding of a variety of styles and artistic expressions.
41-81,2e. Recognize craftsmanship, function, originality, technique, and design of several different pieces of metal work and jewelry.
Aesthetic Perception
1-91-51-7a. Identify and discuss the characteristics of a successful jewelry or metal piece.• Discuss issues related to aesthetics, artists, values in art, and other related topics.
1-83-51-7b. Respect the opinions of others concerning artwork.• Write personal definitions of art and beauty; find and share examples that support the definitions.
1-941-8c. Recognize that personal opinions are a reflection of past experiences and culture.• Discuss the impact of cultural beliefs upon body adornment.
• Discuss the impact of cultural beliefs on metalsmithing and jewelry.

*Prerequisite: Introduction to Art or instructor’s approval


  • Concept assimilation and demonstration
  • Creativity
  • Participation in class
  • Portfolio
  • Rubric
  • Safety habits
  • Skill growth and manipulatives
  • Time on task
  • Working to assignment parameter

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