Construction 2

  • Prerequisite Course(s): Construction 1 or Woodworking 1
  • High School Credit = 1/2 credit per semester (Postsecondary credit = 0)
  • This course will be offered: every year
  • Pathway (Optional): Construction
  • Career Cluster Area: Architecture and Construction
  • Source of Occupational Skills Standards: American Chemical Society (CLT), Unified Builders Code (UBC), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Eligibility for Nationally Recognized Skill Certificate(s)/State License? No
  • Tech Prep: No
  • Is this course brokered through another institution or agency? No
  • Course Description: Construction 2 is a second semester course designed to provide students the opportunity to build on the skills learned in Construction 1, while at the same time learning advanced construction techniques and processes.
  • Content Headings/Topics
    1. Construction materials
    2. Construction safety
    3. Tools and machines
    4. Site prep
    5. Foundations
    6. Building codes
    7. Insulation
    8. Flooring
    9. Interior
    10. Careers
Performance Standards (Learner Outcomes)Specific Occupational Skills StandardsAlaska Reading, Writing, Math, Science Performance StandardsAlaska Content StandardsAlaska Employability StandardsAlaska Cultural StandardsAll Aspects of IndustryAssessments
1. Demonstrate safe shop and on site practices for self and others.CLT 2610R4.6, R4.9 SB.6HL AA6C3Health / Safety Work HabitsLab Assignment
2. Demonstrate proper selection of appropriate construction materials.UBC 97MA1.4.1 – MA1.4.7
MA2.4.1 – MA2.4.4
MA3.4.1, MA4.4.2
R4.4, R4.5, R4.11
SA.2, S A.4, SC.6, S.A.1, 2
Technical Skills
Health / Safety
Lab Assignment
3. Demonstrate proper use and care of hand and power tools.AAAS 294.12C.4MA2.4.1 – MA2.4.4
R.4.4, R4.6
SB.2, 6
A6Technical Skills Health / Safety Labor TechnologyLab Assignment
4. Define and use terms associated with site selection and design.LA DAll Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment
5. Describe when and where to use the different type of foundation materials/designs.UBC 97LA DAll Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment

Oral Presentation
6. Explain the purpose of Uniform Building Codes.UBC 97MA1.4.1, MA2.4.1, MA2.4.3, MC1.4.3
R4.4 R4.5, 6, R4.9
SA.14c, SA.15 SB.5
LA AA6Planning Management Community Technical Skills Health / SafetyLab Assignment

Oral Presentation
7. Demonstrate the ability to select and install insulation materials.UBC 97All Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment
8. Demonstrate the proper selection and installation of flooring material.UBC 97Math EAll Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment
9. Demonstrate the proper selection of interior wall and ceiling coverings.UBC 97Math EAll Aspects of IndustryLab Assignment
10. Identify various careers associated with the construction industry.
ME1.4.1, ME1.4.2
R4.4, R4.5, R4.6, R4.11
Work Habits
Technical Skills
Health / Safety
Lab Assignment

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