Stagecraft Grades 9-12

This course offers a comprehensive, systematic approach to technical theatre with an emphasis on practical, hands-on experience.

Performing and Creating
1-6a. Participate actively in the performing arts as a technician.• Send and receive messages utilizing the Clear-Com System
1-2b. Refine practical and artistic skills through rehearsal and presentation.• Utilize appropriate vocabulary and protocol for all messages
1-4c. Appropriately use new and traditional materials, tools, techniques and processes.• Utilize Sound System equipment and multi task its signals and destinations
1,3d. Demonstrate the creativity and imagination necessary for innovative thinking and problem solving.• Use main sound system “talk-back” function
1-5e. Collaborate with others to create and perform works of art.• Utilize monitor system
1-6f. Integrate two or more art forms to create a new work of art.• Send messages to distant locations
796g. Investigate careers in arts production.• Identify and operate lighting and electrical systems
History and Culture
a. Recognize the role of tradition and ritual in the arts.
1-4b. Investigate the relationships among the performing arts, the individual, and the society.• Research works of art representing various genre and historical periods
1,2,6c. Recognize specific works of art from diverse genres.
Evaluation and Analysis
1a. Utilize criteria to evaluate the arts, including standards of craftsmanship, function, structural organization, originality, technique, and theme.• Locate on map, emergency, safety, and fire equipment and shut down procedures
1-4b. Be able to examine works in the theatre and describe the use of basic technical elements, interpret meaning, and offer and defend an informed opinion.• Identify, locate, and operate rigging and curtains
1,3c. Accept and offer constructive criticism.
1,4d. Recognize and consider an individual’s artistic expression.
5e. Exhibit appropriate audience skills.
Aesthetic Perception
1,2a. Discuss what makes a performance a work of art.• Participate in a production in the area of stagecrafting
1-3b. Recognize that people devalue what they don’t understand.• Assess own and others’ job performance
1-6c. Recognize that artistic choices determine the work of art.
1-7d. Make artistic choices in everyday life.

This course satisfies either a performing or creative arts credit.


  • Focused attention
  • Observation of theatre rules
  • Time/quality on task
  • Working with others

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