Computer Applications 2


  • Prerequisite Course(s): Computer Applications 1
  • High School Credit = 1/2 credit per semester (Postsecondary credit = 0)
  • This course will be offered: every year
  • Pathway (Optional): Information Support and Services
  • Career Cluster Area: Information Technology
  • Source of Occupational Skills Standards: National Business Education Association (NBEA)
  • Eligibility for Nationally Recognized Skill Certificate(s)/State License? No
  • Tech Prep: No
  • Is this course brokered through another institution or agency? No
  • Course Description: Computer Applications 2 gives students mastery abilities in word-processing and integration of the Internet. Students will be introduced to electronic spreadsheet applications. Students will be prepared for possible Microsoft Word certification.
  • Content Headings/Topics
    1. Advanced word processing
    2. Intermediate Microsoft Office applications
    3. Intermediate internet/email
Performance Standards (Learner Outcomes)Specific Occupational Skills StandardsAlaska Reading, Writing, Math, Science Performance StandardsAlaska Content StandardsAlaska Employability StandardsAlaska Cultural StandardsAll Aspects of IndustryAssessments
1. Demonstrate the use of word processing outlines.NBEA ISS.7W4.3Tech BTechnicalLab Assignment
2. Demonstrate the use of indexes/table of contents.NBEA ISS.7W4.3Tech BTechnicalLab Assignment
3. Understand and describe how to use Hyperlinks and web pages.NBEA ISS.8W4.3LA DB4TechnicalLab Assignment
4. Correctly use basic spreadsheet skills.NBEA ISS.8W4.3Tech BTechnicalLab Assignment
5. Correctly change the appearance of a worksheet.NBEA ISS.8W4.3Tech BTechnicalLab Assignment
6. Demonstrate formula and template construction.NBEA ISS.8W4.3Tech CTechnicalLab Assignment
7. Correctly demonstrate multiple worksheets and advanced printing.NBEA ISS.8Tech BTechnicalLab Assignment
8. Demonstrate an ability to correctly use graphics.NBEA ISS.8Tech BB4TechnicalLab Assignment
9. Demonstrate spreadsheet database features.NBEA ISS.8Tech BTechnicalLab Assignment
10. Demonstrate the necessary skills for obtaining Microsoft Word certification.NBEA ISS.8A2B.4C4TechnicalLab Assignment
11. Understand ethical considerations of computing.NBEA XVITech E 2,3,4A1

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