Handbell Choir Grades 7-12

This course is offered to all students who wish to learn to play handbells in an ensemble setting. This course is recommended for students who read music and/or have some performance experience.

Performing and Creating
1a. Develop handbell techniques: ringing, dampening, shake, thumb damps, martellato, tower swings, weaving, 4-in-hand, etc.
1-5b. Perform a varied repertoire of handbell music alone and with others.
1-31c. Demonstrate ability to read a handbell score and describe how the elements of music are used.
1,5d. Perform in scheduled concerts or other musical events.
7968e. Investigate careers in music fields.
History and Culture
31-3, 7,81a. Explore various historical, cultural, and pop styles.
3b. Identify periods of history as handbell use developed, and classify examples.
Evaluation and Analysis
1-3, 5a. Demonstrate individual competency in an ensemble setting.
41-3b. Listen to, analyze, and describe examples of handbell music.
44,52-4c. Evaluate a given musical work in terms of its aesthetic expressive qualities and explain the musical elements used.
Aesthetic Appreciation
1-4a. Recognize individual competency in an ensemble setting.
4,62b. Explain relationships between music and the other arts, describing similarities and distinctions.
2,5c. Attend various musical events.

*Prerequisite: Permission of instructor


  • Concert performances
  • Participation
  • Progress reports
  • Rehearsal discipline
  • Self-evaluation
  • Teacher evaluation of overall performances
  • Technical proficiency

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